Wendy Rowberry


Wendy Rowberry

I studied Textiles/Fashion (Embroidery), BA (Hons) at Manchester Metropolitan University, graduating in 1994.  I have always had a fascination for maps and places and spent the following 6 years exploring various parts of Eastern Europe. In 2000, I gained a teaching certificate from M.M.U. and went on to teach Art & Design in mainstream high schools for the next 15 years whilst raising my family.  I now combine selling my artwork and designs with my role as Artist-in-Residence at MyLife Legacy, Standish, UK.



  "I have a fascination for maps, particularly how humans shape their habitat and landscape over time. Maps take you to where you want to go, but also contain memories, dreams and can tell stories. These elements are often hidden and sometimes become distorted.  My artwork focuses on the shapes people and nature make, and how these shapes and lines become pictures. I use colour, marks and line to express my emotional response to a particular place or space.  My artwork is created using pen and ink, as well as mixed media collage techniques.


Residencies and workshops.

I am currently employed as Artist in Residence at My Life Legacy, Standish, Wigan.  I also facilitate bespoke workshops and tutoring for people of all ages and abilities.